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The artist known as birdO took his street-art aesthetic and transformed it into his first monumental sculpture for the garden podium, an urban oasis above 150 York Street/181 University Avenue. His vibrant hybrid of animal forms and abstraction rose above the trees and brought the secluded space alive with a playful sculpture.

For this piece, the artist was inspired by the Kirtland’s Warbler, a small songbird that nearly became extinct just 50 years ago and is now on it’s way to recovery. Requiring large areas of dense young jack pine that was historically created by wildfire, today this habitat is primarily created through the harvest of mature jack pine, and planting of seedlings. For Nuit Blanche in Toronto birdO has transformed the image of this tiny creature into an epic sculpture, rising out of an abstract base. The 40ft high inflatable loomed large over the downtown core.

What are Cold Air Inflatables?
TallMan.Promo has proudly produced our custom inflatables for a variety of purposes for many satisfied clients. Our balloons are used to catch the eye, to relay a message, and to get your business, organization, product or special event the attention it deserves! We can match your ideas with our expertise to find the right inflatable for you.

Types of Art Inflatable Sculptures
As the amount of outdoor art festivals and landart projects increase , we get more requests from artists to execute their vision for their artwork piece.

Our products range from small point-of-sale inflatable, to inflatable tents to giant rooftop inflatables that are more than 100 ft. tall. We have extensive experience working with clients from design phase to completion to find the exact size and shape of finished products to bring your message home. We have produced hot air balloon style inflatables, animals, musical-themed inflatables, archways, custom-made tents – nearly every size and shape is possible or we can suggest options. Please see this FAQ section for more technical info on the various types of art inflatables.

bird inflatable

Inflatable Art, Architecture & Design
For those looking to learn more about inflatable art, we invite you to read the publication ‘Inflatable Art, Architecture & Design’ by Jacobo Krauel.  This book constitutes a breathtaking display of projects in the fascinating realm of inflatable architecture.The wealth of projects featured in these pages present innovative techniques,creative ideas and groundbreaking solutions,which resolve a wide variety of situations from trade fair stands to space travel. Full color photographs and in-depth descriptive texts from the architects offer the reader invaluable insight into these spectacular projects.This publication will certainly provide anyone with an interest in this cutting-edge sphere of design with an indispensable reference tool.

For more information on our inflatable art projects and options, feel free to check our site or contact one of our representatives.