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The Toronto Pride Parade is a massive event bringing people from all across the province to celebrate pride. This year Tallman.Promo was happy to collaborate with Salesforce marketing cloud to create 3D inflatable costumes for their pride float. Salesforce was looking to add more impact and excitement to their float. These custom inflatable costumes were worn by team members at Salesforce and placed on the float to dance around and wave at the crowd.

Starting Point
For this project we took an existing set of 2D characters that were considered mascots for various salesforce campaigns and initiatives and turned them not only into 3D mockups but real life mascots. These can be frequently seen at professional sports matches and big events. Here are some of the examples working from 2D mockup to 3D design. Below you’ll see the source files supplied by Salesforce in Vector File format.

From 2D to 3D

Our 3D designers use these to create the 3D files that will be used to create the inflatable costumes. We also use these for the approval stage in the project. The results will look like this:

Making the Inflatable Costume

Once the 3D mockups are complete we can begin the production phase and actually begin to create the costume piece. For Salesforce marketing cloud we were creating 4 individual units all with different artwork and specific pantone colours. Taking the 3D model we will print individual pieces with the colour directly on the fabric and then sew these pieces together to create the end result. The inflatable were delivered to the Salesforce office in Toronto and tested on the spot.

These 3D costumes work much like the traditional continuous air inflatables however they run on battery power and allow an individual to stand inside the unit moving around and engaging with an audience.

Inflatable Costume Instructions

To work your inflatable costume you should follow these steps;

1. Locate the zipper at the back or bottom of your inflatable unit.
2. Locate the backpack like structure inside the unit.
3. Place the battery packs in the given spots on the backpack unit.
4. Step inside the unit, putting your legs in the leg spots or bottom of the unit.
5. Put on the back pack, clip on all and adjust al straps to fit accordingly.
6. Turn the unit on by connecting the wires to the battery.
7. Zip up the zipper which you came in through (this may require assistance.)
8. Let the inflatable costume inflate, and enjoy.

Below are the end results, 4 custom made inflatable costumes produced by Tallman.promo and used in the Toronto Pride Parade. For your next event when  you are looking to create a unique piece and have an impact on a crowd consider a custom costume from Tallman.promo.

Thanks to Salesforce for the order and the sheer pleasure to work for you. For more information on our inflatable advertising options, feel free to check our site or contact one of our representatives.