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Custom Wall Graphics

What are Wall Graphics?

TallMan.Promo has proudly produced numerous wall graphics allow you to recreate or redesign any room with fully customizable designs. Wall decals can make a wall or floor pop with an intricate design, or display a company logo or product clearly.  Wall graphics are made from an adhesive vinyl that will look great and last for years.   They can be placed on walls, ceilings, floors, outdoor walls, boats, cars and almost any surface you can imagine. 

Types of vinyl decals

Vinyl decals come in a high tack vinyl, Low tack vinyl, perforated vinyl, and can be finished with a matte or gloss look. High tack vinyl has a higher adhesive than the low tack making it a better option for more permanent decals or murals. Perforated vinyl is a great option for windows allowing you to still see through the window from the inside, while clearly displaying the message or image from the outside.  Please see this FAQ section for more technical info on the various types of vinyl decals.

Benefits of custom wall and car decals

If you are looking for the best advertisement for the best price then car decals are the advertising you need.  Vehicle graphics are a 24/7 moving advertisement that is visible by everyone wherever you go. Create an eye catching creative design or just something to get the point across.  Either way both wall and vehicle decals are sure to be attention grabbing by livening up any boring vehicle or wall space. 

Where can you use Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are highly adaptable making them a great product to use in any space.  They can be applied to floors, windows, walls, outdoor walls, and more.  An office space, store front, restaurant or even your home are all great places to use wall graphics.  They range from simply placing your logo on the wall for customers to identify your space to full wall murals that create a one of a kind space.

Tips for Effectively Using Wall Graphics

Make sure to clean the wall before applying your decal.  Typically a damp rag is fine for this and helps clear away sawdust and dry wall dust.  If you have just painted the wall, allow it to dry for a week before applying any vinyl graphics.   If applying on a window clean the window thoroughly and dry them before applying decals.

Best Practices for Designing Your Vinyl Graphics

Create a design that will compliment the space by using appropriate size and colours that are visible for all audiences. Some colours may look good on a screen but may not work with the space you have.  You may think it is best to have a logo as big as possible but sometimes this is overwhelming.  Design something that matches your space, fits with your corporate mission and displays the quality and message you are looking to convey. If you are create a wall mural make sure to accurately measure the entire space to ensure a correct fit.

Why Choose TallMan.Promo for your Wall Graphics?

You always want to partner with an expert that can deliver the results you want. We have been in the wall and vehicle graphic business for a number of years, working with numerous clients and producing amazing results. Our creativity and design can help with any project large or small. All of our graphics are printed on high quality vinyl that is made to last indoor or outdoor in any weather condition. We would be happy to send you some visual examples of past projects.

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