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Custom Inflatables

What are Custom Inflatable Balloons?

TallMan.Promo has proudly produced our custom inflatable balloons for a variety of purposes for many satisfied clients. Our balloons are used to catch the eye, to relay a message, and to get your business, organization, product or special event the attention it deserves! We can match your ideas with our expertise to find the right inflatable for you.

Types of Custom Inflatable Balloons

Our products range from small point-of-sale inflatable, to inflatable tents to giant rooftop inflatables that are more than 100 ft. tall. We have extensive experience working with clients from design phase to completion to find the exact size and shape of finished products to bring your message home. We have produced hot air balloon style inflatables, animals, musical-themed inflatables, archways, custom-made tents – nearly every size and shape is possible or we can suggest options. Please see this FAQ section for more technical info on the various types of advertising balloons.

Benefits of Custom Branded Inflatables

If you are looking to stand out in the advertising and promotional crowd, custom inflatable balloons are the choice for you! Our custom inflatable balloons are great for point-of-purchase at your business, highlighting your products at an important part of the business process. Our larger inflatable balloons help draw crowds to your event or business from miles away by their sheer size, an eye-catching way to increase marketability. Once the inflatable is up, the work is done but the advertising message continues!

Where can you use Custom Inflatable Balloons?

Are you hosting or organizing a local festival, big championship game, or community fundraiser? Consider a custom inflatable balloon. With hundreds, perhaps thousands of people attending your event, why not take the opportunity to highlight your business or services? We can also include advertising messages on the balloons, for your business, or as part of a partnership with other businesses- a great way to offset the cost.

Tips for Effectively Using Advertising Inflatable Balloons

We are more than happy to work with you to find the right size and right colour scheme to get your message across. Once it is delivered, be sure to find an area with enough space to set-up, and where foot traffic can see your inflatable. The sheer size will draw attention and do your marketing work for you. Check with local municipalities for local bylaws. Be sure to keep the blower running while your inflatable is up. They are easy to pack up and store. We are always available to answer any questions or provide guidance.

Best Practices for Designing Your Custom Inflatable Balloon

You bring your imagination and we will provide the design expertise. Once we have an idea of the inflatable that you are envisioning, we can get to work on the specifications and provide artwork to give you a concrete idea of your dream inflatable, and then we simply deliver an inflatable that will provide the wow factor. We are always available to consult with on any project, big or small, and we will ensure the job is done right from start to finish.

Why Choose TallMan.Promo for your Custom Inflatable Balloon?

You always want to partner with an expert that can deliver the results you want. We have been in the custom inflatable balloon business for many years, working on a large quantity of projects that have left our customers happy with the results. Our eye-catching, original designs set us above the competition, and are budget-friendly. All of our inflatables are made of carefully selected fabrics and designed and test for long-term use. We would be happy to send you some visual examples of past projects.