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What are Instant Canopies?

Instant canopies, also called canopy tents and advertising tents, are the most effective tools to increase your brand exposure. These canopies produced by TallMan.Promo are not only with crisp and clear colours but also of high quality. Whenever you want to get noticed at a marketing event, a sport event, a new product launch, etc., you will need a custom printed canopy tent.

Types of Instant Canopies

Three different sizes, 10’×10’, 10’×15’ and 10’×20’, of our canopies are available for you to choose from. Besides, we offer two different kinds of frames to suit your different budgets and specifications. The hex frame for instant canopy is more heavy-duty while the square frame is more cost-effective. We are devoted to offering the most professional and suitable marketing solutions to every client. When you have an upcoming event for display, just tell us your specifications, and we can customize to meet your expectation. TallMan.Promo understands, what you need is what we care about.

Benefits of Instant Canopies

Our instant canopies can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. With custom graphics printed on four sides of the canopy tent, your marketing messages can be effectively delivered to your targeted audiences. Also our half wall and full wall options for the canopy help increase your visibility. Moreover, when it comes to outdoor activities, the canopy tent can offer you a shade and prevent you from the strong sunshine. Our versatile instant canopies are definitely the best choice for your promotional events.

Suggested Uses for Instant Canopies

Are you going to exhibiting at a trade show, launching a new product, supporting a sport game, or planing a marketing event? Then you may need an instant canopy. Do you want to showcase your products, enhance your brand awareness, and win more business at a crowded event? Then you should try our instant canopy. Our custom instant canopies can effectively convey your advertising messages to your customers.

Tips for Effectively Using Instant Canopies

The instant canopy frames are foldable and easy to set up and take away. Two persons will be better when you pop up the canopy, and sometimes one person can manage it, but it usually takes longer time. There are different types of canopy tent frames, some are heavy-duty, durable and for long lasting uses, while others may be light weight, cost-effective, but not so good for repeated uses. When setting up an instant canopy, you should also consider your marketing space, and it would be better to know your market space first to decide which size is best for you.

Best Practices for Designing Your Instant Canopies

We spare no effort to turn each of your design to perfect printing artwork. You just need to send us your picture or graphic, our artwork person will help you create the artwork to suit the product template. After finishing the creation, we will send the artwork for you to prove. And we will work with you to find the most appealing design and layout.

Why Choose TallMan.Promo for Your Instant Canopies

So many companies and brands in the canopy market, and it may dazzle your eyes, but the most trustworthy and professional one is that every customer tries to seek for. TallMan.Promo has been devoting itself to offering the best marketing solutions and professional promotional services for many years. From start to finish, we try to work with customers to help them get environmental friendly, budget saving, and gorgeous display products. Our instant canopies made of weather resistant fabric are especially designed for a long lasting use. Contact us for more professional solutions and services.


1)How to set up the instant canopies?

We have installation instructions on our website and you can follow the guide to make a proper installation.

2)How long can I receive the instant canopy if I place an order?

Normally, our production time is 2-3 workdays after the artwork approval. And you are expected to receive your canopy within 7 days if you place an order to us.

3)Which format should I use for my artwork, AI, PSD, JPG or PDF?

AI and PDF are two formats that we normally use. By providing a vector file this allows us to scale any object to any size without losing resolution or quality. Vector files can be .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .svg.

4)How many colours can I print on my instant canopy?

Environmental friendly dye sublimation printing is adopted when making instant canopies. Dye sublimation printing allows you enjoy full colour printing and ensures you a crisp colour.

5)Can I print different artwork for different sides of the canopy top?

Yes, you just need to send us the artwork of four sides.

6)How can I clean up my canopy top?

You can hand wash the canopy tent with soft soap and tap water. Machine washing is not recommended.

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