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Branded Apparel

What is Branded Apparel?

Rocks bands and sports teams use them, and you should, too.

Branded apparel can include T-Shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, along with ball caps, toques and gloves. But it can also include company polos, dress shirts and work shirts. Whatever your office environment, we can find the right products and match them up with your company identity.

Consider an investment in branded apparel with your logo and/or message as a billboard that you and others will use to market your goods and services, or your organization.

Types of Branded Apparel?

It can be as simple as identifying your business and employees’ first names on a work shirt at your local mechanic shop, or ensuring everyone gets a comfortable shirt for the annual summer golf tournament. There are many possibilities for branded apparel. Perhaps you need cotton sweaters to keep your workers warm out in the field in the winter, or breathable clothes for those hot summer days. We can work with you to find the correct branded apparel.

We will also help you decided whether to screen print or embroider your branded apparel.

Benefits of Branded Apparel?

Stand above the competition with branded apparel. A percentage of your budget should be spent on advertising, so why not outfit your company or design some cool items to give away to friends, family – and potential customers?

Branded apparel is a great way to get your business message out to the community. It will help you bring in more customers, and show that you believe in your business – while promoting it. We can work with you on a plan to incorporate branded apparel into your marketing efforts.

Where can you use Branded Apparel?

Just about anywhere! If you run a company and want a great holiday gift idea, consider partnering with us to find a memorable, useful, branded apparel item for your staff and friends. If you have a trade show or community event, stock up on branded apparel for potential customers. Custom caps and sweaters also go a long way in outfitting your staff – helping them look professional and easily identifiable at work and in the community. Keep apparel gear in stock, you will always need it.

Tips for Effectively Using Branded Apparel

We are happy to work with you to find the right size, colour scheme and product to get your message across. Be sure to use an appropriate colour to match your school or business, as well as a matching logo or slogan. Once the design is approved and your branded apparel arrives, brainstorm all of the people and places that you see in your travels and incorporate it into the equation. Give them out for birthdays, anniversaries, or during the holidays.

Best Practices for Designing Branded Apparel

You bring your imagination and we provide design expertise. We have worked with many companies during their launch phase to design an attractive logo, one that will highlight their business and get them noticed in the business world. If you already have vector artwork of your logo, perfect, we can get to work right away selecting from a vast array of branded apparel products. We work with our clients every step of the way, from quoting, to art approval, to delivery of products. We will also help you decide whether to screen print or embroider.

Why Choose TallMan.Promo for your Branded Apparel?

We have the experience to deliver the results you want. We have created unique branded apparel solutions for years, working with a variety of companies on exciting projects and ensuring happy customers. We would be happy to send you some visual examples of past projects. Our eye-catching, original designs set us above the competition, and are budget-friendly. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and let’s get started! 

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