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Advertising Flags

What are Custom Flags?

Among all the marketing tools, custom flags and banners are the most flexible ones, as they are available in almost any sizes, any designs and any shapes. As one of the most traditional and valid way of promotion, custom flags and banners are great to promote your brand and advertise your product. When you select our custom flags for your advertising events, you will definitely enjoy a lot of benefits.

Types of Custom Flags

We offer a series of custom flags of different shapes, different sizes for different applications. Feather flags with stylish shapes and conspicuous heights are great to draw people’s eyes. Custom pole flags and banners, which can gently flutter in the breeze, are perfect for attention attractions. TallMan.Promo, an expert for all kinds of display products, is prestigious in offering quality flags and custom services. You choose custom flags according to your demand, and we offer solutions with our expertise.

Benefits of Custom Flags

Though they are considered as the traditional means to expose your brand or deliver your advertisement, these custom flags are the most long lasting, cost-effective and versatile methods to get your messages promoted. Once you set up a custom flag, it will be visible around the clock. Meanwhile, our custom flags can not only create value to your business, but also be an asset to you, since they are not go out of style easily and are available for repeated uses. If the flags are properly kept, they can be used for several years.

Suggested Uses for Custom Flags

Custom flags can be used on various occasions and in different situations, like community events, grand openings, parades, trade shows, new product launches, etc.. Our custom printed flags are especially designed to help win attentions, thus boosting your business. With creative design, our custom flags are quite effective to draw in people around. Whenever you plan to held a marketing campaign at your local community or a trade show, you must need some custom flags.

Tips for Effectively Using Custom Flags

Our custom flags are usually used for multiple purposes. If you are searching for a tool that is flexible to display, then custom flags are the way to go. When setting up a custom flag, you don’t need to worry about the space, since we can customize the size according to your needs. But it is necessary for you to check the circumstance around and the weather, as a complex surrounding may lead to the torn-out of the flag and the bad weather may reduce the life span of the fabric.

Best Practices for Designing Your Custom Flags

When it comes to the designing of the custom flags, you can be as imaginative as possible. No matter it is creative images, ingenuity logo, or marketing messages, we can help make them exactly printed on your custom flags. Our experienced artwork person will help you adjust the layout to make it superb for presentation. Also we will give you practical advice to ensure you have a gorgeous display.

Why Choose TallMan.Promo for Your Custom Flags

Nowadays, it is no longer a difficult thing to find a flag supplier on the Internet, however, many companies try to do excessive online advertising campaign to attract customer, which makes it hard to choose a good supplier for custom flags. TallMan.Promo has been devoting to offering display solutions for many years. Our honesty operation, brilliant marketing ideas and superior products have helped a lot of customers achieve satisfying results. When you come to TallMan.Promo, you are not just a buyer, but also a partner.


1) How long can I receive the custom flags if I place an order?

Normally, our production time is 2-3 workdays after the artwork approval. And you are expected to receive your custom flags within 7 days if you place an order to us. We also offer 24H rush printing service, but extra fees will be charged.

2) Which format should I use for my artwork, AI, PSD, JPG or PDF?

AI and PDF are two formats that we normally use. But the following file formats, JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, SVG are also available. The scale of the graphic should be 1:1 for the JPG, PNG, TIFF files.

3) How many colors can I print on the Custom Flags?

Different printing methods will be adopted for different fabrics. Environmental friendly digital printing allows you enjoy full color printing and ensures the crisp color.

4) How can I clean up my custom flags?

Custom flags can be hand washed with soft soap and tap water. Machine washing is not recommended. When you pack up the custom flags after washing, please make sure the cloth is completely dry.